The de Coulon family is originally from Cornus en Rouergue, France. Paul Coulon (1731-1820), the protestant ancestor, left France in 1754 for religious reasons and settled in Geneva and later in Neuchâtel. The family received its knighthood from the Prussian King Frédéric Guillaume IV on July 17, 1847, because the Principality of Neuchâtel was saved during the Sonderbund War and the invasion of the Bernese. Today, Romain, Paul (not in the photo) and Oskar represent the 8th generation in Eclépens.

The domaine is run by François de Coulon and Daria Tolstoy. Since 2007, François has been managing the viticulture and the agriculture. Since January 1, 2010, with the takeover of the domaine from father Georges, who has constantly modernized the winery since 1981, he has now been working full-time. In 2017, the company switched entirely to organic production.

(Degustationen für Firmen, Reben- und Kellerbesichtigungen, Geschäftsessen, Zivilhochzeiten, Hochzeitsfeste, Garten-Aperitifs usw.) durchgeführt.