Our History

Whether you come to Château d’Eclépens to taste and buy our wines, for a happy company meal, for an unforgettable party in the gardens under the old plane trees, or for a real fairytale wedding, our wish is that you leave this magical place with a pleasant feeling and a great experience in mind.

Château d’Eclépens is one of the oldest wine estates in Switzerland, mentioned already in 814 by Charlemagne’s son. It has been in the hands of the Coulon family since 1807. François has managed the estate since 2007 and represents the seventh generation of the family. During the Middle Ages, noble families built castles to control the area around them. They would also use them as centers of their administration and seat of their political and economic power.

Today it’s different. The Coulon family and its employees work to transmit their values ​​which are respect for nature, a taste for great wines and the joy of sharing. The family’s goal is to bring this historic place to the fullest, to inspire people of all ages, to develop this heritage and pass it on to future generations.

Château d’Eclépens proposes its wines and its venues. Come see us to share the beauty of life with our family and our team, all passionate and involved in the activities around the estate and its castle. We are here to welcome you.